Analog process meets
digial efficiency

Our team of engineers and designers are ready to solve your company's challenges and create custom solutions to help your business thrive.

Custom solutions to help your business thrive

Technology Stack

Front End

Web, mobile, desktop |

Application Layer

Python (Flask | FastAPI)
Javascript (React)

ML / Data

Tensorflow, Keras,
PyTorch, BigQuery


SQL, NoSQL, Firebase


GCP, AWS, Heroku,

Level-up to a cloud based environment

Hillside Lab's skilled engineers design customized cloud solutions allowing your company to operate efficiently, providing the return on investment you have been looking for. Don't worry about cloud migration challenges, a cloud migration strategy will be put in place before moving data center capabilities into the the cloud. We can deliver modern architecture within popular clouds such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Level-up to a cloud based environment

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way companies do business

Advantages of IoT include improved customer service and retention, efficient and cost effective operations, and more. As a full-stack IoT company, Hillside Lab will:

  • Build smart gadgets
  • Bring analog products to the digital world using fully customized IoT solutions
  • Address both hardware and software development; including circuit design, PCB layout, firmware, interface development, and more

Hillside Lab will create the IoT infrastructure that will give your company a true advantage.