Launch new products with speed and flexibility

You need to get it built but you dont have an engineering department. Consider us your on-demand development team.


Bespoke software

We are your technology partner. we can bring the right talent together to fill your needs. Our USA based team of designers, developers and testers can work with you from idea to implementation. If you need high-end talent that can hit the ground running, you are in the right place.

We love building data driven applications with custom logic. Need an IoT solution? We can do that too. Our experienced developers have built both software and hardware solutions for a number of industries.

We use the most popular languages in the world (Javascript and Python) to build our services. Our clients' applications are built from day one to automatically scale by utilizing the same cloud infrastructure leading tech companies use.

We don't do Wordpress, Shopify, SquareSpace or other template solutions of this nature. These are wonderful services that are appropriate for many organizations - but not what we do. Our clients compete at a higher level and need more than cookie-cutter solutions.

Web, mobile, desktop | on-premise
Application layer
Python (Flask | FastAPI)
Javascript (React)
ML / data analysis
TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, BigQuery
SQL, noSQL, Firebase
Cloud providers
GCP, AWS, Heroku, Gatsby


Need to add payment processing, a CRM, or a text messaging? No problem. We can integrate with all of your favorite services.

Your code

You own the project, it is your code. The code we write is well documented and we can train your staff on how to use it.

Sensitive Data

We are experienced in handling sensitive data, managing cloud security, and privacy best practices.

Our product development cycle


New product or new feature it all starts with listening and learning. Understanding the user's needs is the key to building the right solution. Users both internal and external to your organization have to have a seat at the table.


Good design is table stakes today. If users don't enjoy using your product it wont get used. But good design doesn't end with the user experience.


We take pride in writing readable code. We keep the next developer in mind when writing documentation and following standards. Often time we work alongside data scientists and other developers.


Open-source dependencies and a multi-contributor world is the norm. Our client's code starts and ends with tests. Beyond code, A/B testing and capturing user feedback is just as important in testing your application.

hillside lab development cycle

How to work with us

Step 2

Free consultation: tell us about your project or bottleneck.

Step 3

Get a proposal: requirements, timeline and fee.