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At Hillside Lab, we are all about innovation, creativity, strategy, and balance. We believe it is important to apply your skills, share your creativity, and think outside of the box in order to help bring ideas to life.

We automate manual processes, bring efficiency, and faster growth to companies. Being a company founded on working smarter, not harder, we thrive on finding effective and efficient ways to get the job done and deliver high quality products.

If any of this resonates with you, we invite you to check out our career opportunities and see if working with Hillside Lab might be a good fit.

Open Positions

Software Engineering

Software engieering

We are looking for highly motivated and skilled Software Engineers who are looking to work on multiple projects in a dynamic environment.

What you'll do:

Participate in client meetings to better understand the specific applications or functionalities they need to take their business to the next level. Help create technical solutions for our clients.

Spend time developing and maintaining one or more components of custom web applications; designing and creating new application features, taking ownership of engineering initiatives, and working independently in an established codebase.

Initially, you'll help develop:
  • Google Cloud Functions to support custom workflows
  • UI components using React
  • Custom integrations between customers and data sources
Also, you'll be challenged to:
  • Find opportunities to improve our engineering processes
  • Tackle challenges creatively and critically evaluate your work

What we are looking for:

  • Fluency in React (or experience with Angular, Vue, or similar), Python, Javascript/Typescript and HTML/CSS
  • Proficiency with NoSQL databases such as Firestore, MongoDB, etc
  • Deep understanding of modern cloud technologies like Google Cloud or AWS
  • Attention to creating module, secure, and well-tested code
  • Experience building and shipping end-to-end features to a sizable user base
  • Ability to self-direct the planning and scoping phase of a new project
  • Strategic understanding of the timing and rationale for design choices within the scope of work
  • Experience with our tech stack, which includes but is not limited to: React, Gatsby, Next, Node, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Python, Flask, FastAPI

Brownie points if you are:

  • Eager to find opportunities to improve our engineering processes
  • Willing to immediately jump in and solve problems